Augmented Reality using WebRTC, NyARToolkit, GWT, Elemental, WebGL --- Test 0

What an intense coding day today but finally we had the first working-test :)


[Demo HERE, use latest chrome]

Only GWT 2.5/Elemental, no plugins are required. 

Based on NyArToolkit, using WebGL for 3D rendering and WebRTC to access the camera this shows why GWT is a booster :). 
Thanks Google !!


WebGL/GWT Fundamentals/Elemental

A couple of weeks ago we started experimenting with the new "to the metal" library of GWT 2.5 (https://developers.google.com/web-toolkit/articles/elemental) and, being computer graphics enthusiasts, we targeted WebGL as our main focus.

Learning deeply WebGL (WebGL - OpenGL ES 2.0 for the Web) was unfortunately a too time-consuming task four our purposse, so we decided to start translating some basic examples from javascript to GWT/elemental, just to understand how far Elemental will bring us.